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This is Why Iran is another Syria

Iran and Syria are two most well-known countries in the Asian content. By the virtue of these two nations being so closely related by the number of things they share, it is very difficult to tell them apart. There is, however, a single difference between these two countries that exist in the way they run their governments. In Iran, the ruling is based on the ruling Baath Party which is perceived to be secular unlike that of Syria which is considered one that is founded on the tenets of Arabic rulership.

Although there is a difference in the mode of governance for the two nations, there is a lot that is common for these two nations. Ever since the days when there was a war between Iran and Iraq, the ties between the two nations have been strengthened to such a formidable force as we know it today. In the days of this war, the Syrian government took it upon itself to support the Iranian nation. A close tie such as this that was formed in a time of a dire crisis as this has never weakened nor been broken by any known force.

The above formed military tie was very instrumental in battling Iraq’s president Saddam Hussein who was then seen as a common enemy by the two nations of Iran and Syria. The tie was also very instrumental in the coordination of efforts to repeal the US and the Israel nation that were against the rule of the Iranian nation. It is not only Iran that has been in the receiving end but Syria too has had the support of Iran in other times of crisis.

The numerous links that are there between Iran and Syria also include their ties in the fight against terrorism. The efforts of these two nations against terrorism are also backed by other Eastern nations such as Russia and Iraq. The alliance was formed mainly for purposes of frustrating terrorist activities in the nations which are a part of the alliance. The member states of this alliance meet in the capital of Baghdad from time to time to discuss their agenda.

We also shoud applaud the other fact that the unity of these two political allies has not been broken in any way by the many adversities that have faced them. One of the claims these two allies have had to face and possibly fight is the one propagated by the western nations that indeed these two nations have a hand in the great terrorist happenings around the world. Owing to all these ties and the support these two nations have shown each other, we can indeed say that Syria is Iran and Iran is Syria.

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