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Malta: A Great Destination For Holiday Makers

Malta is a remarkable nation that has seven islands and located at the prehistoric cross-roads of the Mediterranean Sea. It is such an amazing state that has incredible packages as well as mesmerizing sites to behold.

Of all the seven islands, the three largest ones – that is the Malta, Comino, and Gozo – covering more than 300 square kilometers. In addition to that, of all the seven islands, these three have the highest population. Statistics show that Malta nation is considered the tiniest and the most populated of all European countries.

And more fundamentally, the strategic location of this country has a great implication when it comes to politics of governance. The national language is English despite the fact that nearly all the citizens speak Maltese. And the country’s rich history as well as nature, the fact that English is the official language and its strategic locations make it an ideal tourist destination.

If you need some actions, you would want to explore what the Gozo and Comino has for you. These are the two great places that have played great roles in describing the outcomes of any tourist in the country – such an amazing playground for unique adventures.

Gozo and Comino has almost every adventure activity that you can possibly imagine. If you would want to snorkel, you will always benefit from wonderful beaches and shallows waters that are available on this island.

If you have a liking for diving, you will always have a place to explore what is going on deep down there. If you have a liking for interactive recreational activities that are carried out in the sea, then you are in the right place. You will have your share if you love sun-bathing; you see, the island has a lot of beaches.

If there is a place that can provide a unique playground for a wide range of activities, then it is Malta. Come to think of the splendid history and the fact that it is considered a home for world heritage sites. Of all the heritage sites, the most prominent is the Ggantiga temples. The Ggantiga temples are considered the oldest of them all, and is believed to be more than 5500 years old – Neolithic age. In fact, the structure is considered the oldest in the entire world.

And then there is the ‘Three walled Cities’ of The Malta – Vittoriosa, Cospicua and Senglea – such an astonishing site. The three walls are enclosed by a great fortification. They were built by the knights of Saint John in around 16th centuries. You may also want to catch a glimpse of some amazing sites including the ‘Blue Grotto’, commonly called the Azure Window – a structure that has endured years of harsh weather conditions, but still strong and firmly rooted.

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